Concrete Construction

Byrne & Jones' Concrete Division specializes in new concrete construction as well as the repair and retrofit of concrete. Our scope of work ranges from concrete patching, decorative concrete, site concrete, and vertical construction.

Concrete projects require the knowledge and installation skill of a contractor that have a proven track record. With our vast experience in all aspects of commercial concrete specialties, we don't just provide the same crew for all types of jobs; we customize the crew to the type and specifications of the job that is needed. This provides you with the highest quality work and speed of execution. We deliver service, products, technology and systems to ensure every project is a success.

Byrne & Jones uses Slab-On-Grade laser technology. This produces slab-on-grade concrete floors that are flatter and stronger than any other method. The grade is established by laser, utilizing a profiling system, it delivers the concrete by an auger, and then vibrates and consolidates the concrete. Laser screed or Slab-On-Grade laser technology can screed accurately up to 240 square feet of concrete in about one minute. This means more floor is poured each day of the production schedule and time lines are met more easily.

New Concrete Construction

From installing standard foundation systems to forming and pouring intricate structures, Byrne & Jones Construction has done it all. With professional engineers on staff, Byrne & Jones Construction has the capability to assist you with the design aspect as well as the actual construction.

Poor quality concrete work at the start of a project is the major cause and cost of future repairs and maintenance issues. To avoid this, you need the service of Byrne & Jones Construction.

New Concrete Construction Services Include:

  • Concrete Buildings - footings, pilasters and walls
  • Structural slabs, beams, columns and piers
  • Retaining walls
  • Precast concrete foundations
  • Concrete enclosures
  • Bridge Piers and abutments
  • Equipment and tank foundations
  • Ramp and stair walls
  • Concrete encasements
  • Sidewalks & walking paths
  • Curbs
  • Swales
  • Inlet
  • Porous Concrete
  • Architectural Concrete

For more information on any of your concrete needs, call Byrne & Jones' Concrete Division at 314-567-7997.