Maintain the grade and save on asphalt reconstruction costs.


Asphalt milling is done by grinding off the top layer of asphalt, usually to a depth of 1-3 inches, then replacing the milled asphalt with a new asphalt surface. As long as the base lower level of asphalt is in good condition, this process can be repeated over and over again on the same surface, allowing you to maintain the same grade without changing your drainage pattern.

You can mill virtually any asphalt surface - from parking lots and tennis courts to roads, walking trails or running tracks. The deciding factor in asphalt milling is the general condition of the existing asphalt. As one of the top commercial asphalt surface milling contractors in St. Louis and the Metro East area, Byrne & Jones Construction has the specialized equipment and experienced personnel to get the job done right. Call 314-567-7997 for a free consultation to find out if asphalt milling is a smart solution for your commercial application.




  • Construction can be done at a lower cost than reconstruction
  • Existing curb and gutter reveals are maintained
  • Surface drainage can be improved
  • Bumps, ruts and other surface irregularities are eliminated
  • Under most circumstances, traffic flow is maintained and able to immediately travel on the milled surface
  • Long service life and low life-cycle cost when placed on structurally sound pavements
  • Ability to maintain grade and slope with minimal drainage
  • Very little or no dust generation during construction
  • No curing time to delay opening
  • Ability to recycle milling