Reclaim the Life of your asphalt Surface.

When a parking lot or roadway has seemingly reached the end of its service life, Full Depth Reclamation may be the cost saving, environmentally smart solution to extend the life of your asphalt surface.

Full Depth Reclamation is a technique in which the full flexible pavement section and a predetermined portion of the underlying materials are uniformly crushed, pulverized, or blended, resulting in a stabilized base course. Further stabilization may be obtained through the use of available additives.

It takes specialized equipment and knowledgeable contracting professionals to perform the many steps in the asphalt reclamation process. Byrne & Jones Construction is ideally suited for the job, having performed many Full Depth Reclamation projects in the St. Louis area, the Metro East and throughout the Midwest.

The many benefits of Full Depth Reclamation

  • Conserves energy - no need to haul away or import new materials
  • Conserves material - saves natural resources and energy
  • Cost effective - no unnecessary trucking and disposal costs of existing materials and improved product performance reduces future maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly - eliminates material disposal concerns and pollution from heating, mixing and hauling are reduced
  • Improved performance - reflective cracking concerns are eliminated

Let Byrne & Jones Construction show you how Full Depth Reclamation can help save money, energy and materials with your aging asphalt surface.

Types of Full Depth Reclamation

  • Mechanical Stabilization - addition of aggregate materials
  • Chemical Stabilization - addition of lime, cement, or fly ash
  • Bituminous Stabilization - addition of asphalt based emulsions or foamed asphalt


Equipment involved in the process

  • Crushing units
  • Stabilizers
  • Combination of these types of machines
  • Motorgraders
  • Pad-foot rollers
  • Smooth drum rollers
  • Water trucks

Critical to the success of this process is the preliminary testing to establish design criteria for gradation, residual asphalt content, and the possible use of additives.

See the many steps involved in the Full Depth Reclamation process used by Byrne & Jones Construction