Taking concrete flatwork to another level.

Not all concrete work is considered equal. In order to have a quality project, it starts with extremely skilled and qualified concrete finishers. Byrne & Jones Construction is a concrete contractor that employs the best foremen, laborers, and finishers in the St. Louis area and throughout the Midwest. We invest in the education and training of our employees and use state-of-the-art equipment to assure that our work exceeds your expectations.

The way concrete is finished will make a world of difference in the overall texture, smoothness, and durability. The quality craftsmanship that we'll put into your concrete flatwork project will assure that the concrete is attractive, serviceable and built to last.

We know that the texture, hardness, and joint pattern on slabs, floors, sidewalks, patios, and driveways depend on the concrete's end use. Warehouse and industrial floors typically have greater durability requirements and need to be flat and level. In those instances, we'll utilize our Slab-on-Grade laser technology to assure a smooth, flat surface. Interior floors that are hidden with floor coverings do not have the same demanding criteria but still get our expert craftsmanship. Exterior slabs must be sloped to carry water and must provide a texture that will provide skid resistance when wet.

All these factors are taken into consideration long before any concrete is poured. Your most important step when considering concrete construction is to call the Byrne & Jones Construction concrete professionals at 314-567-7997.