Make a dramatic difference with decorative concrete.

If you want to take the look of your next commercial concrete construction project up a notch, let the concrete professionals at Byrne & Jones Construction show you what a dramatic difference decorative concrete can make.

With more than 40 years of concrete experience and hundreds of jobs completed in St. Louis and throughout the Midwest involving stamps, stains, stencils and artistic concrete, Byrne & Jones Construction is a contractor that has the experience, equipment, and skill to assist you with your next project.

Thanks to our full array of stamp designs and artistic coloring and finishes, we can turn your ordinary concrete project into an extraordinary masterpiece. Stone finishes, concrete walls that look like brick, stained or colored concrete are all easily achievable with the master finishers at Byrne & Jones Construction.

Have something special in mind? We can help you achieve it - and assure that your concrete project will be extraordinarily constructed as well. Call us at 314-567-7997.

Office Hallway
Interior Floor
Office Building Entry
Retaining Wall

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