Some civil construction or landscape construction firms may talk a big game. But when you consider that the average cost of construction of a synthetic turf playing field is somewhere between $500,000 and $1 million - and you only get one chance to get it designed and built correctly - you need Byrne & Jones Sports Construction on your side.

There's simply too much at stake to trust the complex design and construction needs involved in installing an athletic playing surface to any firm without the track record of Byrne & Jones Sports. We are a Certified Synthetic Turf Field Builder. That certification comes from the American Sports Builders Association - (ASBA). With two certified builders on staff, leading a team that is totally dedicated to the design and construction of athletic playing surfaces, we are ready to turn your vision into reality.

Our experience in the design and construction of athletic playing fields spans the country. Local high schools in the St. Louis area, universities throughout the Midwest and even NFL teams across the country have relied on our expertise from concept through completion, not just for football fields but also for baseball, soccer, field hockey and multi-purpose uses.

Key components we consider in the athletic field design process.

The type of turf, infill, and backing all have a significant impact on drainage and performance. The drainage system under the turf plays a key role in the life span of the turf. The selection of drainage stone is critical to this process. A clean, washed stone is the best product for this application. The controlled watershed process off the sub-grade, into the perimeter collection pipe is equally important.

Once we have a full understanding of your projects' particular needs, we make our recommendation based on all of those factors. The way to guarantee a high-quality installation is to require performance-based specifications - and you'll get those with Byrne & Jones Sports Construction. In addition, we'll provide a detailed Pre-Qualification Statement similar to the AIA A305.

To learn more about Byrne & Jones Sports design process, call and ask for a free consultation at 314-567-7997.

Athletic Field Construction

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Concrete Curb
Nail Board
Base Stone
Perforated Collector Drain
Surface Stone
Artificial Turf Surface
Flat Panel Drain
  • There should be a 1 percent slope towards the field
  • The base course is installed in one lift measuring 2-inches after compaction
  • The second lift of asphalt should be a commercial type mix totaling 2-inches after compaction
  • All asphalt should be installed with the use of laser-guided equipment
  • The surface of the asphalt should be flush to the top of the inside concrete curb
  • There is a 30 day cure time before you can install the polyurethane track surface
  • 8-inches of compacted base rock are installed on top of the subgrade
  • Base rock should be installed using laser-guided equipment
  • There should be a 1 percent slope towards the field
  • The existing subgrade should be STABLE and COMPACTED.
  • The subgrade for the field should be mechanically stabilized.
  • All dirt work should be done with the assistance of laser-guided equipment.
  • The running track subgrade needs to have a 1 percent slope heading towards the field
  • 10mm to 13mm polyurethane track system is installed on the top of the asphalt surface
  • There should be a 1 percent slope towards the field
  • If there is a concrete curb - DO NOT install the polyurethane track surface on top of the curb
  • The bottom of the polyurethane track should be above the concrete curb to promote proper drainage
  • A 6 x 12 inch concrete curb is poured in place using 2 number 4 rebar
  • The concrete curb is the critical piece of construction
  • All elevations for the track and field are taken from the curb. If the curb is NOT installed correctly your track and field will not be correct
  • The tolerance for the concrete curb construction is 1:1000 in the running direction
  • A CCA treated or engineered 2" x 4" is anchored to the inside concrete curb
  • The nail board rests 2-inches below the top of the concrete curb
  • Surface stone from the field is flush with the top of the nail board
  • The synthetic turf carpet is anchored to the top of the nail board
  • 4 inches of 1" clean drainable base rock is installed with the help of laser-guided equipment
  • The base stone is compacted by a roller without the vibratory action
  • The field is crowned at .05% in each direction

10" HDPE Perforated Collector Drain around the Perimeter of the Field.

  • 2 inches of 3/8" clean chips rests on top of the base rock
  • The base rock is installed with the help of laser-guided equipment
  • A light roller is used to compact
  • The field is crowned at .05% in each direction

Artificial Turf Surface .05% Crown

  • Several flat panel drains are installed on top of the 4oz fabric
  • The drains are installed in a herringbone pattern 20-feet off of center
  • The flat panel drains dump into the 10-inch HDPE collector drain that runs along the outside of the field.
  • The .05% slope allows the water to be gravity fed to the collection drain
  • A 4oz non-woven fabric is placed on top of the subgrade
  • The entire playing surface receives the fabric cover
  • This prevents the dirt from migrating up into the clean rock