The right way to remove and replace an athletic playing field surface.

Byrne & Jones Sports Construction has removed several athletic playing field synthetic surfaces in the St. Louis area and throughout the Midwest followed by the preparation and installation of a new synthetic surface. Our systematic approach to this process takes special equipment and experience. Ultimately, the steps we follow help assure the successful installation of your new playing surface and can save from costly problems arising in the future.

Some of the steps involved in the removal of an artificial turf surface Include:

  • Cutting the surface
  • Rolling the surface
  • Removal and disposal of the surface
  • Inspection of collection pipes for performance and replacement if necessary
  • Inspection of boards and replacement, if necessary
  • Raise or regrade the field to establish proper grade, crown and slope
  • Inspection and or replacement of the nailer board tie down system
  • Installation of the new synthetic turf

This video, produced by Washington University, features the removal of their synthetic field by Byrne & Jones Sports Construction. If your athletic field is in need of replacement, call 314-567-7997 and ask to speak with one of our sports construction specialists.