A world-class running track construction process.

Most asphalt pavers quickly run away when asked to build a sports facility running track. They know the tolerance factors are very tight and that the asphalt paving process has virtually no margin for error. Any deviation of the asphalt surface will cause imperfections and you'll see it reflected in the lines and puddles will form every time it rains.

The only way to confidently build a running track is to work with a contractor with experienced asphalt paving crews who utilize the specialized equipment that assures those tight tolerances are met. That's exactly what you'll get with the running track specialists at Byrne & Jones Sports Construction. Our reputation as a premier running track construction contractor extends far beyond the St. Louis area. As a full-service running track installation, construction and maintenance company, we manage and self-perform all stages of the construction process.

Running track technology has had major advances since the days of cinder or clay-based tracks. Today, there are a variety of running track surfaces that we install, all of which have different performance characteristics and price points. Our job is to find the ideal running track solution for your particular needs and budget. Our track paving crew has paved over two hundred running tracks throughout the Midwest ranging from an IAAF certified running track to junior high facilities.

For a quick overview of what's available see Running Track Systems.

The photos shown below feature the steps involved in constructing a running track from the dirt to a polyurethane surface. For a complete overview of the process or to see what might be involved for your running track, call 314-567-7997 and ask to speak to one of our American Sports Builders certified track specialists.

001Surface preperation
002Inside curb and drain system
003Installation of aggregate base rock
004Asphalt installation utilizing laser guided paving equipment
005Track primer installation
006Black base mat installation
007Black base mat installation
008Structural spray coating installation
009Red structural spray installation
010Blue structural spray installation
011Black structural spray installation
012Track striping installation

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