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Asphalt Walking Trail Construction

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Are you needing to install or repair an asphalt walking trail in St. Louis?

Asphalt walking paths are key to many parks and other outdoor areas. They offer a level surface for people of all ages, sizes, and abilities who may be trying new activities like skateboarding or jogging.

If your asphalt path has cracks that need repairing we have what you’re looking for! We will repair any damages while also maintaining it long-term so everyone can enjoy their outdoor activities as much as possible without worrying about tripping over rocks or debris on the ground!

Why Choose Us ?

Right Direction.

With over 45 years of experience, our experts can access your situation and provide you with the best solution.


We own state-of-the-art equipment and have the manpower to complete your project on-time and within budget.


Our ability to engineer, design and construct allows us to be your turnkey construction contractor. With one call Byrne & Jones can take care of it all.

Top-Rated Paving Contractor

“Definitely Recommended”

They did some work for us in the neighborhood, mainly curb work and did a great job. On time, curbs looks good and even fixed part of the streets for us. Definitely recommended for next time.

Matthew Ott - Google Review

“Communication was excellent”

Communication with Project Engineer, Corey, was excellent. Crew was very experienced and detailed. Watched them expertly maneuver very large equipment around power lines, trees and cars on the adjacent street to our site. It was impressive. Repaved parking lot looks and performs great!

Erik Light - Google Review

“Bright Engineers”

Fantastic company with a lot of talented individuals. I have had the pleasure of working with quite a few of the young, bright engineers at Byrne & Jones over the past couple of years. They have helped me expand my knowledge base on cement stabilization and cement slurry applications. 

Kenneth Parks - Google Review