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Byrne & Jones Rhino Pave Asphalt

Byrne & Jones Rhino Pave Asphalt

Benefits of Rhino Pave Asphalt – Extend the life of your asphalt by 50%

July 19, 2019

Rhino Pave℠ enables longer asphalt pavement life and is backed by a two-year warranty on all projects.

Anyone interested in dramatically extending the life of their next commercial asphalt paving project should immediately contact Byrne & Jones Construction and ask for Rhino Pave℠, the new, proprietary asphalt mix that has already been put to the test on several commercial applications as well as by St. Louis city, St. Louis County and the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Rhino Pave was designed, engineered and tested to extend the life of your asphalt overlay by more than 50%, offering tremendous savings on additional asphalt maintenance. Rhino Pave enhances crack and rut resistance, leading to increased asphalt durability and longevity, while significantly reducing life-cycle cost. That’s all made possible due to a special additive that gives Rhino Pave its extraordinary strength – a two-inch pass of Rhino Pave has the structural coefficient of a three-inch traditional asphalt mix.

Because of its extraordinary strength and ability to retard reflective cracking, Byrne & Jones is able to offer a two-year warranty on all Rhino Pave projects. Though it costs slightly more than traditional asphalt mixes, the long-term savings will dramatically offset the higher price of the mix.

Imagine the savings you can accrue if your asphalt overlays last more than twice as long as they used to! You’ll see significantly smaller cracks, fewer potholes and improved rutting resistance throughout the life of your asphalt pavement. That’s not just big savings and added peace-of-mind for you – it’s improved use with fewer inconveniences for anyone that drives on your asphalt surface!

Rhino Pave is just another example of how Byrne & Jones Construction is always looking for new means of pavement preservation. We’re totally committed to being your commercial asphalt paving partner. Contact Byrne & Jones today to get your next asphalt paving project quoted with Rhino Pave – it’s one tough treatment.

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