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Byrne & Jones Sports Construction Receives 5 ASBA Awards in 2022

Byrne & Jones Sports Construction Receives 5 ASBA Awards in 2022

Byrne & Jones Sports Construction Receives Five ASBA Awards in 2022

The American Sports Builders Association (ASBA), the national organization for builders and suppliers of materials for athletic facilities, has announced the winners of its annual awards. Awards are presented each year to facilities built by ASBA members, which display construction excellence.

Awards are presented in various categories: Tennis Courts, Running Tracks, Sports Fields, Pickleball Facilities and Track & Field Facilities. Within some categories, there are divisions; for example, the Sports Field category recognizes single- and multiple-field facilities.

Members of the Byrne & Jones Sports Construction team made their way out to Palm Desert, California where the winners of awards were announced at the Association’s 2022 Technical Meeting. Byrne & Jones Sports Construction was honored to receive the following awards:

Rantoul Family Sports Complex | Gold Medal Multi-Field Distinguished Sports Facility

Among the winners was The Rantoul Family Sports Complex, located in Rantoul, Illinois, for Best Multi- Field Facility. Byrne & Jones Construction completed the Rantoul Family Sports Complex in Spring of 2021. The outdoor Sports Tourism Complex includes 10 ball diamonds and 8 multi-use fields for contact sports. The all-synthetic turf facility recently ended their second season and has seen nearly one million visitors in 2022, hosting play for baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, football, ultimate frisbee, and numerous community events. Mayor Chuck Smith states, “We are thankful to the ASBA for this year’s special honor and recognition. We are proud of our leadership team and also our partnership with Byrne and Jones Sports Construction of St. Louis, Mo. If you haven’t had a chance to visit our facility, I encourage you to visit soon. I am confident that you will find a wide selection of sports options, along with a first-class sports center, located in one of the fastest growing communities in central Illinois.”

The 2023 season begins in late March with the Rantoul Township High School Baseball Invite and will extend well into November. Director of Operations Ryan Reid said, “This award is a true honor. With the leadership of Byrne & Jones, dedication from their subcontractors to see construction through during a tough 2020, and the collaboration between the different departments of the Village of Rantoul, we had the best team for this project. Special thanks to Mayor Smith, our Board of Trustees, Administrator Eisenhauer, and Recreation Director Luke Humphrey for moving this vision forward.”

Seneca Athletic Complex | Distinguished Multi-Field Facility

Seneca School District hired Byrne & Jones through TIPS Cooperative Purchasing early in January of 2021.  The project consisted of an 8 lane running track, a new baseball stadium, and a synthetic turf baseball field.  The new athletic facilities solved many issues for the district. 

Superintendent Dr. Brandon Eggleston said the impressive features are sure to have virtually everyone in this Southwest Missouri town of about 2,500 residents swelling with pride about this project.  “The track is an eight-lane stand-alone track. The new multi-purpose facility will have locker rooms, bathrooms, a storage area and a concession stand. The track will also be open for the public to use.”  Eggleston went on saying, “Our previous baseball and softball fields were in a flood plain and flooded frequently. And with the new location, we do not have to worry about flooding.  We did not even have a track to practice on, so that is significant for our student-athletes. We now have a complex that can host any size track meet and a baseball/softball field that will be a state-of-the-art facility.  The complex will be a point of pride for our community. It is a place where our student-athletes can compete that is safe, high quality and reliable.” 

Westville High School | Distinguished Multi-Field Facility

Westville’s renovations posed a particular challenge only fit for the most experienced design-build sports contractor. They needed to entrust someone to redesign and shift the location of their existing stadium to fit a new concrete plaza and fitness building, and expanded bleachers, in the extremely limited space they had available.

Having saved capital funds for years and having one shot to get it right, Westville entrusted Byrne & Jones with this huge responsibility. Not to mention the tight schedule it needed to be built within – the project was approved in November 2020, design was completed by January 2021, construction started in February and the new stadium was ready for play by August of 2021, along with a full new turf baseball and softball field. The great success of this project was also awarded the project spotlight in TIPS Purchasing Cooperative’s quarterly newsletter.

La Salle Peru High School | Distinguished Single Field Facility

One of the most historic football stadiums in Illinois, Howard Fellows Stadium was originally constructed during the Great Depression with funding from FDR’s New Deal incentives.  LaSalle-Peru (LP) High School has called this field home for over 80 years, and through thoughtful and proper upkeep and restoration projects, have been able to keep the stadium current while maintaining its historic legacy. The most recent of these upgrade projects was a severely important one – upgrading the playing surface.  Having been plagued by poor drainage and dirt runoff, the stadium field had slowly become a surface full of ruts and puddles. 

LP ran an internal analysis of their options to renovate the field, including a full strip, regrading and re-sodding of the field, and installing synthetic turf.

Ultimately, LP decided that installing synthetic turf was the proper decision due its consistency as a safe playing surface, as well as improved drainage for the site and far less maintenance expenditures.  And this wasn’t any ordinary turf field – LP opted to install a field that rivals most NFL stadiums, choosing the highly resilient IronTurf Woven product from Greenfields, resting on top of a Brock concussion safety pad.  In order to accomplish this, LP sought out the best sports construction team in the business and hired Byrne & Jones directly through a purchasing cooperative to get the job done.  Byrne & Jones successfully delivered their project on time and on-budget.

Plummer Family Park | Distinguished Multi-Field Facility

Plummer Family Park opened in Edwardsville, IL, in August of 2020 and is already becoming a regional destination for tournaments and traveling athletes. The 83-acre, $12.8 million park includes four baseball/softball diamonds, six multi-purpose fields, 12 pickleball courts, concession stands, restrooms, a shared-use path, and parking for 821 vehicles, including 22 ADA-compliant spaces. Additional ball diamonds, a community park space, and additional parking are planned for a future phase.

Byrne & Jones Sports Facilty Construction

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