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Clayco Chooses Byrne & Jones For Parking Lot Construction

Oct 8, 20190 comments

Byrne & Jones Construction – Parking Lot Professionals.

Most of us don’t think much about parking lots, or parking lot construction, until you step in a pothole, trip on a curb, or are forced to build a new one.

A leading design build, general contractor, from St. Louis was faced with the ladder.

Clayco Construction needed to remove, replace and redesign two of their parking lot at their world headquarters off of Page Ave. They knew there was one company who would be able to take care of their parking lot challenges – Byrne & Jones Construction.

Byrne & Jones Construction specializes in parking lot maintenance and construction; in St. Louis and the metro-east. Having been in business since 1976, Byrne & Jones has developed the reputation of being experts in the commercial asphalt and concrete paving world.

Byrne & Jones worked with Bates Forum Design and Clayco to build two environmentally friendly parking lots for their employees and visitors.

Clayco wanted to manage all storm water runoff by keeping it on site, and out of MSD’s storm drains. Bates Forum came up with a pervious design using porous pavers in the parking stalls. The pavers sit on 12 inches of clean rock which allows water to percolate through the pavers into the aggregate base and eventually back into the ground. There is a backup system which consists of a perched pipe to discharge the water into a bio-retention area if the water level gets too high.

If your parking lot is in need pothole patching, overlay, or new construction call the one company who specializes in everything outside the building, Byrne & Jones Construction.