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How to Maintain A Parking Lot: From New Construction To Routine Repairs

First impressions are lasting impressions. Does you parking lot make a good first impression?

Landscaping, painting, lighting, and exterior building appearance says a lot about an owner’s commitment to continuous maintenance. The condition of your parking lots and roads do too. In order to keep your asphalt and concrete in pristine condition, it must be maintained on a regular basis. By having a paving maintenance plan in place, you can save yourself from costly repairs and safety issues down the road. 

What repairs are needed for a parking lot?

Parking lot repairs will vary depending on the amount of damage that is currently there. If there are cracks throughout your lot, those will need to be patched up. According to the Pavement Preservation & Recycling Alliance, 75% of unsealed cracks develop into potholes within 3 years while only 1% of sealed cracks develop into potholes in the same timeframe. Crack sealing may be the best option to fix those cracks. With this undertaking, we will go in and fill in those cracks to ensure that they do not expand any more. Crack sealing plays a significant role in extending the life of your pavement as it can add on 3-5 years.

After any cracks have been mended, we also recommend sealcoating your asphalt. Sealcoating will provide a protective layer to your pavement, helping to preserve it from harsh weather and UV rays, therefore extending the life of your lot. We recommend that you sealcoat your pavement every 3 years or whenever you start to notice the pavement turning to a grey color.

St. Louis Parking Lot Construction Experts

At Byrne & Jones Construction, our job is to ensure that you are able to make a good first impression. With over 5 decades of pavement experience, we possess the horsepower to help you reach your project goals. Our office is filled with intelligent individuals who are construction and engineer-minded, all of whom are trained in all things asphalt and concrete. Our team regularly attends industry focused and educational events in order to keep up with new technology, pavement innovation, and maintenance solutions. We are committed to being the experts, so we strive to provide the best for you.

In order to ensure that you are getting the best long lasting surface, the equipment and machinery used to install asphalt and concrete need to be well maintained and in good working order. With our newest state of the art equipment and new asphalt material plants in St. Louis and Nebraska, we can provide you with a superior finish. Byrne & Jones Construction has several pavers and crews to handle any size project. Big or small, we cover them all.

When you contact our pavement consultants, they will point you in the right direction – providing you with accurate, professional advice to help you establish a pavement plan. Our team will address the pavement surface condition and go deeper. We will explore what’s taking place below the surface as most pavement issues start within the foundation or base. An unstable base will lead to a lifetime of maintenance headaches.

If you are interested in making a good impression, saving money, and having a safe surface at your property, we want to talk to you. Call Byrne & Jones Construction at (314) 254-9766 and request to talk to one of our pavement consultants for your NO COST consultation.