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Potholes: 101

Have you ever cringed and braced for the worst when you see a pothole in your path? Potholes can not only be a nuisance to avoid but can cause serious damage if driven over. According to AAA, pothole damages cost U.S. drivers $3 billion in vehicle repairs each year. These problems in the pavement are terrible for drivers and should be repaired as soon as possible, but first it is important to understand where they come from.  

What causes potholes to form?

Potholes are more susceptible to forming when the weather starts to cool down during the winter and spring time. These issues are the product of water freezing and expanding. When water finds its way beneath the surface, it can expand and contract, affecting the strength of the pavement. When water expands, it can crack the pavement. As the pavement contracts, or the ice melts, gaps are left in the surface. This process can happen over and over, weakening the pavement each time while also creating a larger issue. With drivers on the road, these spots can weaken even more from the weight when driven over time after time. This stress can help to create potholes.

How to repair potholes?

The first step to repairing a pothole is cleaning it. It is important to make sure that loose debris is removed from the area before it can be repaired. A high pressure water tool can help to clear the area. The next step to the repair is measuring the pothole to ensure there is the correct amount of pavement to fix the hole. Once that amount is determined, the cracks and holes can be filled and sealed. Proper repairs are necessary to preventing further damage in the future. 

How can I reduce the number of potholes in my parking lot?

If you are looking to extend the life of your asphalt and reduce the number of potholes, you should seal any cracks present to prevent water from getting underneath your asphalt. Hot pour rubberized crack sealer is an extremely successful and cost-effective approach to maintaining your pavement.

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