Byrne & Jones performs major upgrade to asphalt streets in Shepard Oaks Subdivision in St. Louis County

Extensive preparation work paves the way for new overlay of Rhino Pave Asphalt enabling significantly longer asphalt pavement life.

Residential streets in the Shepard Oaks subdivision with brand new asphalt surface featuring Rhino Pave Asphalt.

Residents in the Shepard Oaks subdivision located in west St. Louis County will be enjoying their paved, asphalt streets for many years to come thanks to the extensive preparation work performed by Byrne & Jones Construction, combined with a new overlay of their proprietary Rhino Pave Asphalt.

Before actual paving could begin on the residential streets, Byrne & Jones performed a number of modifications designed to improve the long-term performance of the streets with improved drainage and easier transitions between street and driveway.

Asphalt surface with poor drainage run-off caused erosion of the pavement edge.
Poor drainage run-off led to an erosion of the surface.

Two underdrains were installed to help manage water runoff. One underdrain was installed on the west side of the subdivision while another was installed at a key intersection. The experienced crews of Byrne & Jones also performed asphalt milling to the edges of the pavement in order to create a seamless transition between the street and homeowners’ driveways and to help insure positive drainage.

Badly cracked asphalt surface before resurfacing.
Residents were tired of the cracked surface and the rough edges between street and driveway.

In the cul-de-sac sections of the subdivision, Byrne & Jones roto-milled the full width of the roadway, preparing it for the asphalt overlay. A large section of the road along the west side of the subdivision was completely replaced as it had been severely damaged due to the heavy vehicles and poor subgrade that was in place.

Once all the necessary prep work was completed, a two-inch layer, after compaction, of Rhino Pave Asphalt was applied to the subdivision streets. This proprietary asphalt mix is designed to extend the life of asphalt overlays by more than 50%, offering tremendous savings on additional asphalt maintenance.

Grapg comparing life of pavement with and without Rhino Pave Asphalt

Members of the neighborhood association were tired of seeing reflective cracking in their streets less than two years after installation. Thanks to the special additive in Rhino Pave Asphalt, they know they’ve now got a surface designed for durability and longevity that will be able to withstand loads from trash trucks and other heavy vehicles. They also like the fact that Rhino Pave Asphalt is backed by a two-year warranty.

The Shepard Oaks Subdivision had streets in disrepair.
Streets throughout the neighborhood were in disrepair.
Newly surfaced roads with Rhino Pave Asphalt.
With the Rhino Pave Asphalt overlay, life of these streets will be extended by more than 50%.

Imagine the savings you can accrue if your streets, sidewalks or parking lot lasted more than twice as long as they used to! You’ll see significantly smaller cracks, fewer potholes and improved rutting resistance throughout the life of your asphalt pavement and your overall asphalt maintenance costs will go down as well. Contact Byrne & Jones today to get your next asphalt paving project quoted with Rhino Pave Asphalt – it’s one tough treatment.

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