CBL Properties once again relies on the asphalt paving expertise of Byrne & Jones Construction

St. Louis area asphalt project for Mid Rivers Mall continues relationship with nation’s largest mall operator.

Mid Rivers Mall parking lot paving project

More than 30,000 square yards of full depth reclamation and more than 25,000 tons of asphalt will be applied in the asphalt parking lot renovation at Mid Rivers Mall in St. Peters, Missouri.

CBL Properties knows how important it is to not inconvenience a customer when it comes to parking at one of their 96 malls located across the country. So when it’s time to re-surface or re-do parking lots, the nation’s largest mall operator continues to call on the experts at Byrne & Jones Construction to make projects go as smoothly as possible.

CBL Properties, which is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, first began working with Byrne & Jones in 2013 with the re-surfacing and rehabilitation of the South County Mall asphalt parking lot in St. Louis, Missouri.

“Tight coordination and scheduling with the mall operations staff to make sure we’re not impeding mall business is key,” said Kevin Klette, General Manager of Byrne & Jones asphalt division. “So phasing the job appropriately to assure customers easy access and ample parking while managing on-going traffic control and overall job site safety are critical in projects like these.

The South County Mall project was testament to the expertise of Byrne & Jones as it involved removal and replacement of the entire parking lot. More work followed as Byrne & Jones did two major mall parking lot rehabilitation projects in North Dakota – one in Minot and the other in Kirkwood followed by St. Clair Square in Illinois. Byrne & Jones also acted as a subcontractor for a large mall parking lot stabilization job at a CBL Properties mall located in Terre Haute, Indiana.

In addition to CBL Properties South County Mall parking lot in the metro St. Louis area, Byrne & Jones has done asphalt rehabilitation work at the Westfield Shopping Mall as well as the Chesterfield Mall.

Work being done at the Mid Rivers Mall involves full depth asphalt removal and replacement, full depth reclamation, asphalt overlays, creation of two bio retention ponds to capture water runoff for the parking lots, retaining wall repair work and extensive concrete reconstruction of sidewalks, curbs and gutters, assuring that they will all be ADA-compliant.

Concrete reconstruction work on a St. Louis area asphalt paving project

Concrete reconstruction work involves making all of the sidewalks ADA compliant at Mid Rivers Mall in St. Peters, Missouri.

In addition, Byrne & Jones has been coordinating repair efforts with the Missouri Department of Transportation to widen the entrance and exit on Frontage Road involving both asphalt and concrete work that includes construction of a new island.

Full depth reclamation work on the project involves more than 30,000 square yards and ultimately, more than 25,000 tons of asphalt will be applied.

full depth reclamation precedes asphalt paving on a St. Louis area project.

Full depth reclamation was part of Byrne & Jones Construction’s cost- effective solution to this St. Louis area asphalt paving project

“A project of this magnitude takes a great deal of planning, coordination and oversight,” said Klette. “CBL Properties knows we have the expertise, the manpower and the equipment to get the job done right – and the fact that we self-perform all of our work makes it easy on them. We’ve built a level of trust with CBL Properties – and we work hard every day to continue to build on that relationship,” added Klette.

If you’re the owner of a retail shopping center or manage any commercial business featuring a large asphalt parking lot for your customers, trust the experts at Byrne & Jones Construction to handle all of your asphalt needs – whether that’s building new, repairing and replacing old or simply on-going maintenance. “We’re the ones to call,” said Klette.

Byrne & Jones Construction is one of the largest commercial concrete and asphalt contractors in the St. Louis metro area. Byrne & Jones Sports is also one of the leading sports field specialists and polyurethane running track experts in all stages of construction – from initial planning to project completion. We’re proud to be a trusted advisor to the clients we serve, working on their behalf to offer the best solutions to all of their installation and preservation challenges – and doing it all safely every step of the way. For more information, visit http://www.byrneandjones.com

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