From mulch to synthetic turf – why more parks and school districts are making the shift with their playgrounds.

Children are enjoying playing on this new synthetic turf playground surface.
Children playing on the newly retrofitted playground surface installed by Byrne & Jones Construction at Gotsch Intermediate School in Affton, Missouri, certainly enjoy the difference that a synthetic turf can make.

Less mess, lower maintenance and improved fall protection make synthetic turf surfaces an ideal option.

When Gotsch Intermediate School in Affton, Missouri made the decision to retrofit their playground with synthetic turf installed by the Sports Division of Byrne & Jones Construction, there were plenty of reasons for making the switch from mulch to turf.

Wood mulch has a tendency to get everywhere – in clothes and shoes and often spread outside of the play area and even brought into homes and schools – all while managing to not stay in the high traffic areas where it’s needed most.

Still, mulch was seen as a better alternative than grass and was definitely preferred over pea gravel, engineered mulch or old, poured in place rubber tiles. But now, more parks departments and school districts are discovering the many benefits of retrofitting their existing playgrounds with synthetic turf.

Aerial view of mulch playground before Byrne & Jones replaced it with synthetic turf.
Aerial view of playground with synthetic turf installed by Byrne & Jones Sports.
The difference between the wood mulch playground and the newly installed synthetic turf makes a dramatic difference.

Unlike mulch, once a synthetic turf is installed, there’s no need for continuous maintenance. There’s no more mess with wood chips being scattered about and the need to continue to add more mulch throughout the year is completely eliminated. More important, shock pads can be installed underneath the turf in key areas to provide added cushioning to meet critical fall height. With synthetic turf, you get a cleaner, more visually appealing and safer surface for children to play upon.

Byrne & Jones Construction is ideally suited to handle your synthetic turf installation. As one of the leading installers of synthetic turf fields not just in the Midwest, but across America, they have the equipment, the manpower and the knowhow to get the job done right.

Byrne & Jones has the manpower and equipment to quickly remove existing surfaces.
Byrne & Jones Construction has experienced work crews that make removal of the existing mulch or other surfaces quick and easy.
Byrne & Jones crew installing shock pads for added safety.
Once the old surface is removed, shock pads can be installed to provide added cushioning wherever needed.

Being a turf-neutral installer, we have no particular allegiance to any one manufacturer. Our only goal is to find the right synthetic turf solution for your particular playground. (For this job, we used Byrne & Jones Playground Turf from our new line of Byrne & Jones Synthetic Landscape Turf.) The whole installation process can be performed within weeks and when you factor in long-term maintenance costs, is actually a more affordable alternative.

To learn more about how the Sports division at Byrne & Jones Construction can transform your current playground surface into a safer, yard-like, low maintenance solution, call Matt Hicks at 314-569-7997.

Byrne & Jones Construction is one of the largest commercial concrete and asphalt contractors in the St. Louis metro area. Byrne & Jones Sports is also one of the leading sports field specialists and polyurethane running track experts in all stages of construction – from initial planning to project completion. We’re proud to be a trusted advisor to the clients we serve, working on their behalf to offer the best solutions to all of their installation and preservation challenges – and doing it all safely every step of the way. For more information, visit

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