New track and field complex built by Byrne & Jones Sports at Argenta-Oreana High School is a big win for the school and the community.

New athletic complex in Illinois leads to more student involvement and is the talk of the town.

Drone shot of the new football stadium during a night game.
Friday night lights are now big time at the newly renovated Argenta-Oreana High School athletic complex built by Byrne & Jones Sports.

Is there a direct correlation between the Argenta-Oreana High School football team’s undefeated record after seven weeks while playing and practicing on their newly christened athletic field? Perhaps. But there is no doubt that the school’s new multi-purpose track and field which was completed by Byrne & Jones Sports before the school year began has led to a variety of impressive outcomes.

According to Mike Williams, Athletic Director at Argenta-Oreana High School, “The new and improved facility has been a great addition to our school. This facility allows Argenta-Oreana to set themselves apart from neighboring schools. It’s also increased the pride our students have in their school.”

The work performed by Byrne & Jones Sports began with their design, showcasing how the facility would transform the look of the complex from the moment students or guests entered through the newly renovated entrance area. Work began with the excavation of the existing football field and cinder track. Soil stabilization was then performed on the entire site to assure better long-term performance for both the track and the playing field.

Drone shot of the new football stadium during a night game.
Drone shot of the new football stadium during a night game.
Drone shot of the new football stadium during a night game.
The old football field and track were excavated by Byrne & Jones Sports and soil stabilization was performed and a drainage system was installed.

Before the Shaw Sports Momentum Pro Turf was laid down, an aggregate base was put in and a drainage system was installed. What’s really striking about the field is the alternating colors of the turf marking off 5-yard increments combined with the shadowed yard line markers that add depth to the field’s look. There’s also no doubt opponents will know they’re playing on Argenta-Oreana’s home field thanks to the huge A O letters at the 50-yard line along with the BOMBERS name that’s big and bold in each end zone.

Drone shot of the midfield logo on Argenta-Oreana’s new football field.
The big A O at the 50-yard line makes a dramatic statement.

“Having a high quality field to practice on without limitation has definitely increased the opportunities for our football program,” said Williams. “I also believe there is greater pride in the facility and has increased the desire to ‘protect our field’ by winning,” he added.

The new athletic complex has been a big hit with the community as well. “The community support and response to the facility has been overwhelming. Our crowds have been larger than in the recent past and the facility has definitely been the talk of the town,” said Williams. With a 45,000 square-foot concrete plaza, along with new concession stands and a ticketing/entrance area, there’s certainly plenty of room to accommodate everyone.

Wide daytime drone shot of the football field and surrounding plaza.
The 45,000 square-foot concrete plaza and new ticketing/entrance area provides ample room for visitors and a professional feel as they enter the complex.

The impact of the new complex goes far beyond the football program.

“Our new field creates opportunities for more student athletes as the playing surface is also designed for soccer. In addition to our athletes, the facility is used on a daily basis by our physical education classes and has allowed them to expand the subjects taught that were not possible before.” Williams added, “Even our marching band now has an awesome environment to practice and play – when they’re out there performing on this gorgeous setting, it takes everything to another level.”

The Bombers’ track team is going to get a huge boost as well. The new running track features will allow for competitive field events that now include long jump/triple jump runways, sand pits, and a high jump area along with pole vaulting. The difference between the cinder track that was once there to the new, black mat surface that was spray-painted, striped and lined truly is night and day.

Drone shot of the old football field.
Drone shot of the new football complex construction by Byrne & Jones Sports.
An overhead before and after view of the Argenta Oreana athletic complex.

According to Williams, “Byrne and Jones were great to work with throughout the entire project. I would highly recommend Byrne and Jones to anyone considering athletic facility improvements.” And everyone in the greater Argenta area is invited to cheer on the Bombers as they continue their undefeated quest and to follow Argenta-Oreana High School sports on twitter or Facebook.

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