Safety Rules at Byrne & Jones Construction

Commitments to safety are company-wide.

Company construction employees attending a safety meetingRecent growth at Byrne & Jones Construction has led to an even stronger focus on safety throughout the company.

“We’ve always had a tremendous commitment to making sure our workers go home safe every night,” said Kevin Klette, Safety Director at Byrne & Jones. “But with our recent growth in a variety of divisions within the company, we’re having a renewed commitment to safety training.”

According to Klette, “Every meeting and discussion starts with safety. So it’s always at the top of the list.”

Byrne & Jones files job safety analysis reports daily, outlining safety precautions and steps taken to assure a safe job site and make both supervisors and all workers aware of potential hazards. There are daily equipment and trucking inspections – both pre and post trip. Weekly toolbox talks also make everyone on the job aware of steps that need to be taken to assure a safe work environment.

In addition, there are monthly job site safety inspections as well as fleet safety handouts. Quarterly safety committee meetings get all levels of management on the same page regarding safety issues.

Byrne & Jones has also implemented safety incentive plans and maintains a near miss reporting system to keep everyone aware of potential on-site issues.

All this focus on safety has continued to help Byrne & Jones maintain one of the lowest EMRs in the industry. 2016 was the second lowest rating the company achieved in the past 5 years and 2017 is on pace to be even lower. “A safe job site will be a productive job site – for workers and clients alike,” says Klette. “We’ve earned our reputation as a great, safe place to work and we intend to keep it that way.”

Byrne & Jones Construction is one of the largest commercial concrete and asphalt contractors in the St. Louis metro area. Byrne & Jones Sports is also one of the leading sports field specialists and polyurethane running track experts in all stages of construction – from initial planning to project completion. We’re proud to be a trusted advisor to the clients we serve, working on their behalf to offer the best solutions to all of their installation and preservation challenges – and doing it all safely every step of the way. For more information, browse the website.

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