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Carbondale High School Track

Oct 1, 20180 comments

A new, two-sport synthetic turf playing field and upgraded track facilities will feature improved safety and performance for school’s athletic program.

When the Carbondale Community High School Terriers football and soccer teams take their home field in their upcoming seasons, they’ll be playing on one of the safest, nicest synthetic turf fields in Southern Illinois installed by Byrne & Jones Sports.

The field, which will be ready for play when the teams kick off their 2019 season, features a Schmitz ProPlay foam shock pad underneath the extremely durable Shaw Sports Turf.

According to Mike Czeschin, Jr., Project Manager at Byrne & Jones Sports, “Carbondale High School designed this field with the athletes and the spectators in mind. They wanted safe playing conditions for the athletes and a showpiece for the fans. With the large “CT” logo anchoring down the 50-yard line and the alternating light green, dark green turf, combined with the bold, black and white “CARBONDALE TERRIERS” dominating each end zone, it’s a field that will make the school and the entire community extremely proud.”

In addition to the new, two-sport playing field, Byrne & Jones Sports will rejuvenate and refurbish the existing running track. The track will be re-surfaced with a structural spray once temperatures warm up and then re-striped. New long jump, triple jump and pole vault runways will also be installed.

Fans of the Terriers and visitors to the facility will also enjoy the expanded plaza areas and the new concrete sidewalks that will be installed as part of the overall project.

“We’ve been battling the elements since this project started,” noted Czeschin. “Rain, snow and bitter cold have all been working against us. In the end, it’ll all be worth it.”

Apparently, the school agrees as Byrne & Jones Sports was recently awarded another upgrade for the school’s athletic facilities – converting the existing dirt softball infield into a synthetic turf infield. That project is slated to be completed later this Spring