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Athletic Facilities

Is it time to make sure your athletic facilities are ready for fall sports?

Are you excited for the fall sports season? We are! If you have been dedicated to practicing and conditioning this summer in order to prepare for competition, you should be well prepared to play. However, there are several factors you should know about that can help to boost your rankings. These tips below can help you gain an advantage over your competitors and can help to get you more wins. Make it a good season and consider these suggestions below. 

Creating a Safe Atmosphere For Fans

The first step to gaining an advantage over your competition comes from the amount of fans you have at games. The more people you have cheering the team on, the more enjoyable games will be. For home games, it is important to make sure that you have enough seating available for family and friends to come watch games. At Byrne & Jones Construction, we specialize in all of your concrete needs. We can easily come in and lay concrete near the sports fields to ensure that there is a stable area for bleachers or additional seating. This way, fans can be encouraged to come watch games together and have a good time. With fans cheering your athletes on, this is the first step to success over your rivals. Check out some of our concrete work.
In order for athletes to have an audience, there needs to be enough space to park. If your parking lot is covered with potholes that prevent people from parking in spaces, then you are deterring fans. A parking lot will help to encourage and attract a crowd. No one will want to come watch games if they are worried about finding parking or are scared that the parking lot is falling apart. The paving preservation pros at Byrne & Jones Construction can help with that. We will come in to fix your parking lot and ensure a smooth surface for maximum use. After you have ensured a comfortable experience for your fans, it is time to beat the competition with the fields. 

Providing Your Athletes With the Best Possible Playing Surface

For athletes, it is vital to have a high-quality playing surface. By being able to practice on a smooth surface, your athletes will be ready and better prepared to beat their competition. Whether it is maintenance or a new turf installation, updates are needed to ensure that your tracks and fields are safe to play on. Keeping your surfaces up to date is important to having your fields looking great but also vital to avoiding any big expenses in the future. Additionally, if your surfaces are not smooth or damaged, this can become unsafe for the athletes Byrne & Jones Sports Construction has you covered. We specialize in sports fields including artificial turf fields and will ensure you have a good surface to practice and play on. Deciding on whether to have artificial turf or natural grass fields? We actually wrote a blog about this.Click here to read about the advantages of artificial turf. Check out some of our completed projects to get a better idea of the work we do.
The final touch for securing first place is with the appeal of the field itself. Details such as color and graphics used on your sports field have the power to make all the difference. If your athletes are playing and practicing on plain fields, then there is nothing that definitively sets your complex apart from other schools. By having your school colors sprayed on the endzones of a football field and your logo front and center, no one will forget where they are or who they are playing. By also allowing your athletes to practice on these fields and play on for home games, this little reminder of school spirit can help to boost morale for the players, which is important for winning games. Check out these completed football fields to get a better idea of how you can personalize your field for a nicer appeal. 

Ready to show off your fields and win some games this fall? Contact the experts at Byrne & Jones Construction to have your facility updated and ready for the fall. Give us a call at (314) 254-9766.