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What Are Some Essential Running Track Repair Needs?

While the winter sports season is still in full swing, smart facility managers know that now is the time to schedule a thorough evaluation of the overall condition for their athletic running tracks. The highs and lows of winter temperatures, combined with an off-season of non-use can result in unexpected problems that left untreated, could lead to more serious damage once athletic activities resume on the track.

How to Spot Issues on Your Running Track

Tracks will not be able to hold value without regular upkeep. Scheduled maintenance and constant vigilance are the solution to having a great experience for athletes and coaches alike when they step onto the surface.

Problems with a track might be occurring underneath, but the first place you will be able to spot these issues is the surface. At Byrne & Jones Construction, we will step in to create a schematic that shows your track. We will also make notes documenting any irregularities such as high or low spots, dings, damage and more. The surfacing experts will look for tears in the polyurethane surface, possibly caused by lawn service equipment and will recommend whether your track needs re-coloring or re-striping before the season begins. Other items such as checking all gates to make sure they are not dragging on the surface and abrading will be assessed. Having a thorough evaluation of your track surfaces is essential to starting the repair process. Without it, issues will go unnoticed and will continue to worsen.

Running Track Repair

Additional Track-Related Items to Assess

Once you have scheduled your evaluation, there are a number of items you should have done as well. The fence, including the perimeter fence, fence mazes, and the fence separating the stands from the track, should be checked at the outset and then throughout the season. It is important to make sure that all rails have a good connection and that there is not any bulging, sagging, or tears in the fence fabric. If you notice any of these problems, schedule them to get fixed before the season begins.

Another item to check as the season draws closer is the sprinklers. It is important to ensure that all sprinklers for the field or for the surrounding landscaping are not spraying onto the track and overloading it with water. You will also want to regularly clean out drains and keep them free of grass clippings, leaves, dirt, litter and other debris that can clog and keep them from working effectively. Should you ever see water pooling on the track, alert Byrne & Jones Sports immediately.

Things to Avoid With Your Track

If you are really looking to protect your track surface for the foreseeable future, only allow foot traffic on it. Use boards or rubber matting to protect the surface. Additionally, make sure you have signage around the track indicating rules concerning footwear (soft spikes, etc.). Many times, those engaging in other sports will run across the track on their way to the field, not realizing how much damage they cause. By placing mats or boards at the entrance and exit points, this can go a long way to help save your surface.

Since many facilities are open for community use, more than runners and walkers will take advantage, often to the misfortune of the facility manager. Dog walkers may use the field, parents with children in strollers (or older children on tricycles and bicycles) and others may want to use the track. All these uses will have a negative effect on your facility, and on the ability of athletes to use it for its intended purpose.

In the end, you can only do so much, but the most important part is to trust your athletic running track installation, repair and maintenance to the experts at Byrne & Jones Sports. We would be happy to help create a worry-free maintenance program designed to keep your track running like new. Check out this completed project!

If you have a running track that is in need of attention, or simply have questions regarding the types of track systems that are out there, please do not hesitate to call us at (314) 254-9766.

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