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The advantages of installing a probounce tennis court surface

Tennis Court Installation

ProBounce Tennis Courts Are Stronger than you might think

 There are many factors that go into constructing a new tennis court. These include choosing a site, deciding what type of material to use for the surface, fencing, lighting, additional accessories and much more. We can help you throughout the entire process and help you choose the best system for your project. In this blog, we highlight some of the advantages of installing a ProBounce® tennis court surface. 

Advantages of ProBounce

The ProBounce® surface system is patented technology by NGISports and provides a new tennis court surface to those who love playing the sport.  “A monolithic pavement, cushioned overlay, ProBounce® bridges large structural cracks. The surface ‘floats’ on top of existing crushed stone, asphalt, or concrete. A flexible but stationary pavement for a remarkable look and remarkable play. From surface to resurface, we bring the right fit for every project.” – NGI Sports

Build a new system or install over existing surface

The ProBounce® surface system can be installed on top of an existing asphalt and concrete surfaces.

 a cost-efficient way to install a new surface system

Being able to install the ProBounce® system on top of an existing surface can save hundreds of thousands of dollars for the owner.

Athletes Stay Cooler

The ProBounce® surface will stay cooler compared to traditional asphalt & concrete surfaces when getting hit by the sun. This keeps athletes cooler while they compete.

Less wear and tear on joints and muscles

The ProBounce® patented technology provides a safe cushion underneath the athletes. Athletes will notice less wear and tear on their body compared to traditional surfaces.

Are you looking for a contractor to help you install a probounce court surface?

Are you read to install a ProBounce® tennis court surface?  We can help. At Byrne & Jones Sports Construction, we are a 7-time ASBA Excellence Award Winners with 12 ASBA Certified Builders on staff. Learn more about our tennis court construction at https://www.byrneandjones.com/sports/tennis-court-construction. If you are interested in a free tennis court evaluation or learning more about various court surface systems give us a call at (314) 254-9766.

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