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What is the fiber performance index?

Responding to the need of architects, facility owners, and operators, Labosport is proud to introduce Fiber Performance Index (FPI) – the first true measurement of fiber quality. As part of the Labosport Certification Program, FPI establishes an “index” – a rating or score of an artificial turf fiber, to help prospective turf buyers understand and weigh the individual qualities of a turf fiber. FPI provides a comparative measuring tool to help architects, facility owners, and operators make the right artificial turf selection from a wide number of options.

The Fuber Performance Index tests and rates the following: 

TEAR – Measuring a fiber’s cross Tenacity – a key indicator of fiber durability. This test is commonly used by the plastics industry for quality control purposes.

RECOVERY – Measuring fiber resilience after an exhaustive 6,000 cycle compression test. This test uses specially designed equipment to reproduce athletes running on a field.

UV – Measuring a fiber’s resistance to UV exposure. This test is designed to match the most demanding standards in force in this domain.

FEEL – Measuring a fiber’s softness using an innovative method from the consumer goods industry. This test is conducted by qualified technicians, whose results are then processed through a statistical model to ensure repeatability and accuracy.