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Are you looking for a commercial concrete contractor in Kansas City?

Concrete projects require the knowledge and installation skills of a concrete contractor that has a proven track record. With our vast experience in all aspects of commercial concrete specialties, we don’t just provide the same crew for all types of jobs; we customize the crew to the type and specifications of the job that is needed.

From pavement and sidewalk projects to bridge piers or concrete preservation projects, we have the experience and the know how to provide the highest quality work and speed of execution. With our service, products, technology, and systems, we can ensure that every project is a success.

Now Partnering with Vanguard ADA Systems

Byrne & Jones Construction is now partnering with VANGUARD ADA Systems! VANGUARD ADA Systems is the creator of VANGUARD Detectable Warnings / TWSI’s, GuideStrip tactile directional cues, EcoPath lane coatings, SkidGuard Nonskid pedestrian surface coatings and other great products offer a variety of solutions for pedestrian and vehicular surfaces.

Dectectable Warnings / TWSI

GuideStrip / TWSI

EcoPath Bike & Bus Lane Coatings

SkidGuard Nonskid Coatings

Concrete Flatwork

In order to have a quality project, it starts with extremely skilled and qualified concrete finishers. Byrne & Jones Construction is a concrete contractor that employs the best foremen, laborers, and finishers in the Kansas City area and throughout the Midwest. We invest in the education and training of our employees and use state-of-the-art equipment to assure that our work exceeds your expectations.

The way concrete is finished will make a world of difference in the overall texture, smoothness, and durability. The quality craftsmanship that we’ll put into your concrete flatwork project will assure that the concrete is attractive, serviceable and built to last.






Post-Tension Concrete


Loading Docks

Concrete Restoration

Byrne & Jones Construction is a contractor with extensive experience providing solutions for our customers concrete repair needs in the Kansas City  area and throughout the Midwest. We identify the root cause and then match the best repair method and material, developing a systematic repair program.

Our experienced crews adhere to strict quality standards and repair procedures. You’ll know up front the work we are doing, the cost involved and the timeline for completion and thanks to our skills, resources and technical expertise, you can be assured the job will be done on time and on budget.






Curb Repairs


Inlet Repairs