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Soil stabilization is the process of improving the engineering properties of soil by adding stabilizing agents such as cement, lime, or fly ash to increase its strength and stability. Byrne & Jones has a proprietary cement slurry mix design that eliminates dust leading to a cleaner project.The goal is to create a soil structure that can support the weight of traffic, buildings, and other structures without collapsing or settling.

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Specialized & Typical Equipment used for Soil Stabilization

  • Blade & Dozer
  • Padfoot Roller Sheeps foot roller
  • Smooth Drum Cabbed Tracksteer 
  • Spreader Trucks – Specialized Equipment
  • Writgen 2400 Reclaimers – Specialized Equipment
  • Tracksteer Tiller – Specialized Equipment
  • Water Truck – Specialized Equipment
Soil Stabilization Truck

Different types of Soil Stabilization

  • Mechanical Stabilization – addition of aggregate materials
  • Chemical Stabilization – addition of lime, cement, or fly ash
  • Bituminous Stabilization – addition of asphalt based emulsions or foamed asphalt
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What are the benefits of  Soil Stabilization?


Improve Soil Strength

Soil stabilization increases the strength of soil, making it more capable of supporting heavy loads and preventing settling or collapse.


Increased Efficiency

Soil stabilization can reduce the need for multiple construction phases, as the stabilized soil can be used immediately for construction without the need for additional preparation or treatment.


Increase Load-Bearing Capacity

Soil stabilization can increase the load-bearing capacity of soil, making it suitable for use in construction projects that would otherwise require more expensive foundation systems.

Reduce Maintenance

Soil stabilization can reduce the need for ongoing maintenance of roads, buildings, and other structures, as the stabilized soil provides a more stable foundation.

Environmental Sustainability

Reduces the need for excavation and removal of soil, which can help reduce the environmental impact of construction projects. Additionally, the use of stabilizing agents such as fly ash and lime can help reduce the waste generated by other industries.


A cost-effective and environmentally friendly method for improving the engineering properties of soil and making it suitable for use in construction projects. The process can provide a stable foundation for roads, buildings, and other structures, reduce maintenance costs, and improve the efficiency of construction projects.

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Byrne & Jones is proud to be an approved vendor through The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS), a leading national cooperative purchasing program. As a TIPS vendor, we can streamline the procurement process for our clients by providing access to competitively priced products and services, without the need for a lengthy and costly bidding process. Our membership in the TIPS program ensures that our clients can trust that they are receiving the highest quality work at the best value.