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With over 40+ of experience, we know how to bring new life to your worn out asphalt.

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Lincoln & Omaha Parking Lot Construction

Protect your investment by having a Byrne & Jones pavement preservation professional assist you with evaluating your pavement and developing a maintenance plan that will extend the service life of your asphalt. We specialize in scoping, maintaining, constructing, and evaluating your asphalt surfaces.

The moment freshly laid asphalt is installed, the aging process begins. If you do not have a pavement maintenance program in place to deal with the aging of your asphalt, complete deterioration of the asphaltic binder will take place and reduce the pavement to a layer of loose stone.

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Asphalt Maintenace

* The above pictures show before vs. after results of asphalt work performed by Byrne & Jones Construction *

What People Are Saying

“Definitely Recommended”

They did some work for us in the neighborhood, mainly curb work and did a great job. On time, curbs looks good and even fixed part of the streets for us. Definitely recommended for next time. 

Matthew Ott – Google Review

“Communication was excellent”

Communication with Project Engineer, Corey, was excellent. Crew was very experienced and detailed. Watched them expertly maneuver very large equipment around power lines, trees and cars on the adjacent street to our site. It was impressive. Repaved parking lot looks and performs great! 

Erik Light – Google Review

“Bright Engineers”

Fantastic company with a lot of talented individuals. I have had the pleasure of working with quite a few of the young, bright engineers at Byrne & Jones over the past couple of years. They have helped me expand my knowledge base on cement stabilization and cement slurry applications. 

Kenneth Parks – Google Review





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