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Concrete projects require the knowledge and installation skills of a concrete contractor that has a proven track record. With our vast experience in all aspects of commercial concrete specialties, we don’t just provide the same crew for all types of jobs; we customize the crew to the type and specifications of the job that is needed.

With our service, products, technology, and systems, we can ensure that every project is a success.

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Concrete Curbs

When it comes to the curbing services, Byrne & Jones Construction provides exceptional options for both concrete and asphalt. We understand that no two concrete curbing projects are alike. For instance, if we are installing concrete sidewalks outside of a retail shopping center, we need to take into account the fact that they will see a much higher volume of foot traffic when compared to a suburban walkway.

This same technique applies to traffic spaces or parking lots as well. The bottom line is, when you’re in need of an honest concrete curbing company to best suit your concrete curbing project needs, Byrne & Jones Construction has the options and concrete curbing services to revamp any area of your Ohio property.

Catch Basin Repairs

Catch basins work as a drainage system for your parking lot. They are built into an asphalt or concrete parking lot to redirect storm water.

All catch basins will settle or deteriorate over time. As water enters the basin, the joints between the frame and grate casting, blocks or mortar joints become weak. The water will eventually disintegrate the mortar. It’s very simple.

When this happens, especially during the colder months, the water will expand and contract in the openings. This causes the mortar to “pop-out”. This can cause a large issue in your parking lot.

Concrete Flatwork

Byrne & Jones Construction is your quality concrete flatwork contractor in Columbus, OH. With more than 40 years of experience, we’ve become a trusted local choice for commercial and home concrete flatwork of the highest quality. That’s because we only hire experienced flat workers with the skills and training required to execute any job flawlessly.

Concrete flatwork can be performed on inside and outside concrete surfaces to add value and prestige to your property. When flatwork is used as a flooring material, it can bring durability, strength, and decoration for a very low price.

Concrete Maintenance

Byrne & Jones Construction is a contractor with extensive experience providing solutions for our customer’s concrete repair needs in the Columbus, Ohio area and throughout the Midwest. We identify the root cause and then match the best repair method and material, developing a systematic repair program.

Our experienced crews adhere to strict quality standards and repair procedures. You’ll know upfront the work we are doing, the cost involved and the timeline for completion and thanks to our skills, resources and technical expertise, you can be assured the job will be done on time and on budget