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La Salle Peru High School



Single Field Facility

One of the most historic football stadiums in Illinois, Howard Fellows Stadium was originally constructed during the Great Depression with funding from FDR’s New Deal incentives.  LaSalle-Peru (LP) High School has called this field home for over 80 years, and through thoughtful and proper upkeep and restoration projects, have been able to keep the stadium current while maintaining its historic legacy. The most recent of these upgrade projects was a severely important one – upgrading the playing surface.  Having been plagued by poor drainage and dirt runoff, the stadium field had slowly become a surface full of ruts and puddles. 

Project Photos

LP ran an internal analysis of their options to renovate the field, including a full strip, regrading and re-sodding of the field, and installing synthetic turf.

Ultimately, LP decided that installing synthetic turf was the proper decision due its consistency as a safe playing surface, as well as improved drainage for the site and far less maintenance expenditures.  And this wasn’t any ordinary turf field – LP opted to install a field that rivals most NFL stadiums, choosing the highly resilient IronTurf Woven product from Greenfields, resting on top of a Brock concussion safety pad.  In order to accomplish this, LP sought out the best sports construction team in the business and hired Byrne & Jones directly through a purchasing cooperative to get the job done.  Byrne & Jones successfully delivered their project on time and on-budget.