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Case Study: Northwest Park

Project Overview

Cost: $16,250,000

Duration: February 1st, 2023 – April 1st, 2023

Scope of Work:

The scope of work for this project includes the demolition of the existing site, mass excavation, and installation of utilities. The construction will encompass eight full synthetic turf baseball fields, sunken block dugouts, backstop walls with net systems, and perimeter fencing. Additional features include Musco LED lighting, scoreboards, electrical work, concrete plazas, landscaping, sodding, batting cages, bull pens, bleachers, and benches.

A drone shot of Mt. Hebron Park

Design and Value Engineering

Collaborating closely with the City of Rogers, Arkansas, our design team, led by Mike Czeschin, creatively adapted the project plans to align with budget constraints without compromising on quality. Our ability to modify and evolve the project reflected our commitment to both value and excellence.

Community Impact and Feedback

In the small, bustling city of Rogers, the City Council made a pivotal decision that stirred the local community with excitement and anticipation. With a unanimous vote, they chose to allocate $10 million from the general fund reserves to breathe new life into the aging Northwest Park. This decision marked a significant milestone in the city’s commitment to enhancing its recreational facilities, a commitment first highlighted in a 2018 bond issue that focused on major public space improvements.

Jim White, the director of Parks and Recreation for Rogers, shared his thoughts during a recent council meeting. “The pandemic hit right in the middle of this project, slowing everything down significantly,” he explained. The delays brought about by unforeseen circumstances had brewed a mix of anticipation and frustration among the residents. However, with the council’s decision, there was a renewed sense of hope. “There’s been a tremendous amount of discussion, and now, we’re really excited to get this going tonight,” Jim added.

The renovation plans were ambitious. They aimed to transform the park’s seven grassy baseball and softball fields into eight state-of-the-art turf fields. Additional enhancements were to include new batting cages and a vibrant playground, turning the park into a haven for both young athletes and families looking for leisure and play.

Byrne & Jones Sports Construction, a firm familiar with the City of Rogers through prior collaborations, was selected to design and manage the project. Known for their expertise and innovative approach, Byrne & Jones aimed to make Northwest Park one of the largest and most elaborate sports parks in the Midwest. The project, expected to take between 12 to 18 months to complete, was scheduled to start in the winter, with Jim White spearheading the ambitious renovation.

Once completed, Northwest Park was set to become a flagship baseball and softball park, not just for Rogers but for the entire region. The community watched eagerly as the project unfolded, ready to reclaim their beloved park as a cornerstone of local pride and joy.