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Case Study: Mt. Hebron Park

Project Overview

Cost: $4,907,000

Duration: July 1st, 2021 – May 1st, 2022

Scope of Work:

We undertook the installation of two full synthetic soccer fields complete with perimeter net systems, a high school baseball field featuring a champion wall system alongside masonry block dugouts, bullpens, backstops, and fencing.

Additionally, we implemented Musco LED lighting, electrical infrastructure, a press box, and constructed pickleball, basketball, and tennis courts.

A drone shot of Mt. Hebron Park

Design and Value Engineering

Collaborating closely with the City of Rogers, Arkansas, our design team, led by Mike Czeschin, creatively adapted the project plans to align with budget constraints without compromising on quality. Our ability to modify and evolve the project reflected our commitment to both value and excellence.

Community Impact and Feedback

Mt. Hebron Park in Rogers Garners Statewide Accolade as Outdoor Facility of the Year

In a notable achievement during its inaugural year, Rogers’ latest park, Mt. Hebron Park, has been honored with a prestigious statewide award.Designated as the Outdoor Facility of the Year by the Arkansas Recreation and Parks Association, the park’s recognition extends to outdoor recreational spaces that incurred costs exceeding $500,000, as highlighted in a recent post on the official Facebook page of the city of Rogers.

The association’s Board of Directors convened for its winter retreat at the park on December 7th, as mentioned in the Facebook update. During their visit, board members embarked on a comprehensive tour of the park’s amenities, culminating in a luncheon held at the esteemed Mount Hebron Assembly Hall.Spanning across 76 acres, the park’s construction entailed an investment of approximately $25 million, marking it as the maiden project completed under the city’s 2018 bond initiative. Boasting an array of sports courts, fields, and a sprawling 25,000-square-foot playground replete with handicap-accessible features, the park welcomed its first visitors in April, with an official grand opening ceremony following suit in August.

Angie Carter, a native of Northwest Arkansas, commended the inclusion of recycled rubber flooring in the playground area, noting its significant safety enhancement. Expressing her delight at witnessing the area’s growth over the years, Carter lauded the park’s accessibility across its various sections, citing it as a valuable addition to the community.

For Carter’s family, the turf soccer fields have emerged as a favored attraction. Recounting how her husband and sons engage in pickup soccer matches every Saturday morning, Carter praised the reliability of the turf fields, which remain unaffected by muddy conditions, ensuring uninterrupted play regardless of the weather.Echoing his mother’s sentiments, Benjamin Carter emphasized the unparalleled convenience offered by the park’s immaculate fields, underscoring their appeal for sports enthusiasts.

Shelby Vanderpool, a resident of Rogers, observed a diverse demographic of park visitors during her visits, attributing this inclusivity to the park’s diverse range of amenities. Highlighting the park’s allure for visitors of all ages, Vanderpool noted how her out-of-town nephew particularly relishes his visits to Mt. Hebron Park, drawn by its diverse array of activities not found in his local park.

The park’s design process was deeply rooted in community engagement, as noted by Andrea VonBrinton, Assistant Director of the Rogers Parks and Recreation Department. Responding to the community’s expressed need for enhanced recreational amenities, the park stands as a testament to collaborative efforts aimed at fostering community well-being and leisure pursuits.