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Natural Grass Field Design & Construction

Byrne & Jones Sports Construction

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Our expertise lies in designing and constructing fields that combine exceptional playability with stunning aesthetics. From precise laser grading and efficient drainage systems to comprehensive natural grass care, our services ensure your sports facility meets the highest standards of excellence and durability.

  • Sod Installation
  • Laser Grading and Engineered Soil Installation
  • Efficient In-Ground Drainage Systems
  • Top Dressing, Amendments, and Natural Grass Health
  • Bullpen and Mound Construction
  • Aeration, Drill Seeding, and Turf Renovation
  • Dugout, Backstop, and Fencing Installation
Natural Grass Field Design and Construction

Meier Field – St. Joseph, Illinois

Our Natural Grass Field Services

Natural grass fields remain the top choice for many athletic facilities, offering unparalleled playability and safety if perfectly maintained. When Byrne & Jones Sports Construction builds a natural grass field, the fields are not just playing surfaces. They are carefully designed fields that prioritize athlete safety and environmental sustainability.

Sod Installation

For rapid field establishment, our sod installation offers an instant, high-quality turf solution, perfect for time-sensitive projects.

Natural Grass Baseball Field

Laser Grading and Engineered Soil Installation

Precision is key in field construction. Our laser grading services ensure an even playing surface, crucial for water management and player safety. Engineered soil installation follows, tailored to foster robust turf growth.

Efficient In-Ground Drainage Systems

A well-designed drainage system is vital for field longevity and usability. Our in-ground solutions prevent water accumulation, ensuring your field remains playable even after heavy rain.

Natural Field Fencing Installation

Dugout, Backstop, & Fencing Installation

Complete your sports facility with our additional services. From player dugouts to protective netting and perimeter fencing, we cover all aspects of sports field construction.