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Byrne & Jones Sports

Running Track Installation & Maintenance Experts

Based in St. Louis, Byrne & Jones Sports has grown into one of the largest running track contractors in the Midwest. Our services include:  

Looking to learn more about running tracks?

New Athletic Running Track Installation

Since the early 1980’s we have installed hundreds of athletic running tracks across the Midwest. With four certified track builders on our staff, we have the expertise and knowledge to ensure we install you the best possible all-weather running track. Trust the experts at Byrne & Jones to install your perfect running track surface.     

Running Track
Maintenance & Repair

It is common for running tracks to crack and wear easily over time depending on use and weather conditions. Byrne & Jones Sports has repaired and resprayed hundreds of running tracks over the years. We make the construction process easy and use the best materials to make sure your running track provides the best surface for your athletes. Do you need a running track respray? Contact us today and we will provide you with a free track evaluation.

How long does it take to build a running track?

While site location, grading, and other existing factors can make things vary, a new running track can take between 8 and 14 weeks to build from the time construction begins. This does not include preconstruction activities such as sports field design, running track design, permitting process, and any other local requirements. Byrne & Jones Sports can be your running track consultant to ensure your running track design is built to to meet all required running track regulations.

How much does a running track cost?

That’s another very loaded question, but a typical 8 lane running track with all required field events can cost anywhere from $400k to $800k. There’s a number of factors that make for this wide range. The existing conditions of the site and the quality of the surface selected are big factors. Byrne & Jones Sports has 4 Certified Track Builders that can help you with all of your running track design and construction.

How long does a running track last?

A typical black mat with structural spray will last well over 20 years as long as it is maintained correctly. Extending the life beyond 20 years also requires a structural track respray every 6-7 years.

What is a track respray?

A track respray or track resurfacing is a new wearing course surface for your existing running track surface. We spray a 1 millimeter coat in one direction, then another 1 millimeter coat in the opposite direction for a new 2 millimeter thick coating that is under warranty for 3 to 5 years. We always include a track restriping to be performed approximately 1-2 weeks after the track respray is complete.

Do you have to send out for public bid to construct a track?

There are multiple cooperative purchasing agencies that have existing contracts in place for running track and sports field construction. Public entities can utilize these existing contracts to purchase exactly what they want and the contractor that they want to build it. The goal of cooperative purchasing is to provide a process that eliminates purchasing stress while saving public entities time and money.

Are there additional track colors besides red & black? Do they cost more?

The most typical colors for running tracks are red (maroon) and black. There are many other colors available, but these additional running track colors do cost more. The additional cost for unique running track colors is due to the chemical makeup required to make these colors UV stable.





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